About Us

Renmark Primary School is a dynamic and growing community, currently catering to approximately 225 students spanning from reception to year 6. Our diverse student body reflects a range of backgrounds and cultures, and we take pride in our commitment to inclusivity, valuing each student’s unique experiences and fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome.

At Renmark Primary School, we believe in nurturing individual academic growth. With the amalgamation of the junior and primary schools in 2013, our facilities were thoughtfully refurbished to create an optimal learning environment. These enhancements included the addition of an impressive indoor basketball court, gymnasium and hall space, as well as a purpose-built library and science laboratories designed to inspire a love for reading and exploration.

Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a high-quality education aligned to the eight areas of the Australian Curriculum. We understand the significance of a balanced timetable, ensuring that our students receive the optimal amount of learning time to support their educational development. Our teachers develop and adapt units of work to deliver high-quality and engaging content across the curriculum, with a particularly strong focus on ensuring that student’s learning is built upon sequentially as they move through the years of schooling.

We recognise that positive relationships between teachers, students, and parents are crucial for a thriving school community. We foster these relationships through open and effective communication channels. Starting each day with ‘Care and Connect’, teachers intentionally build relationships with students before the school day begins. Cultural connections are celebrated, enriching the experience for both students and their families. We empower our students with a sense of agency, encouraging them to actively participate in their learning journey.

Renmark Primary School is dedicated to providing a supportive and enriching environment where students can achieve their full potential, both academically and personally, ensuring bright and fulfilling future for every child.

Get to Know Renmark Primary School

Please take some time to view our new promotional film, showcasing some of the amazing work going on at Renmark Primary School.