Our dedicated Student Wellbeing Leader plays a pivotal role in supporting student wellbeing across all classrooms. The Student Wellbeing Leader actively engages with whole class groups, small groups, and individuals to promote emotional regulation, enhance engagement in learning, foster positive peer relationships, and facilitate referrals to external agencies when needed. This holistic approach ensures that students receive the support they need to thrive both academically and emotionally.

In addition to our commitment to wellbeing, we offer valuable programs to enrich students’ experiences. Breakfast Club ensures that students start the day ready to learn, while our Values Ambassador program promotes positive interactions among students and peer support in the playground to promote positive playtime.

Our Student Wellbeing Leader coordinates the Student Representative Council and Little Leaders ensuring that students have a voice in our school. They also coach our Student Leaders and Sports Captains to run fortnightly whole-school assemblies, aimed at promoting the events and happenings in our school.

Transitions programs with our feeder schools are coordinated by our Student Wellbeing Leader. These programs are designed to ensure that students move across the educational sectors smoothly and in a way that is fully supported by school staff.

At Renmark Primary School, we recognise that academic success is intertwined with emotional well-being, and we are dedicated to creating an environment where both aspects flourish. We invite students and parents to actively engage with these programs and initiatives, fostering a supportive and nurturing community that embraces each child’s unique journey.