Positive Behaviour

Renmark Primary School is dedicated to fostering a safe, positive, and inclusive learning environment through Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL). PBL is a proactive approach aimed at promoting respect, responsibility, and kindness among our students.

PBL at Renmark Primary is not just a framework; it’s a philosophy ingrained in our commitment to a respectful and inclusive learning atmosphere. Our goal is to equip students with social and emotional skills to excel academically and make responsible choices.

We believe in shared responsibility for creating a positive environment, with every staff member contributing to the success of PBL. Our Behaviour Expectations Matrix outlines clear guidelines aligned with our values of kindness, respect, responsibility, and learning.

Implemented at both classroom and school-wide levels, the matrix fosters a shared understanding of behavioural expectations. We emphasise positive reinforcement and intentional feedback to encourage desired behaviours, shifting focus from reacting to mistakes to teaching and recognising positive actions.

PBL also includes procedures to address behavioural errors, ensuring consistent and educative responses from all staff. This approach creates a safe, predictable environment conducive to learning and teaching excellence.